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Hello! I am Hiroki,

Product Manager

passionate about data science and software engineering.

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About me

As a product manager in the tech industry based in Tokyo, I am dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals with data at a startup company. Currently, I am leading the development of a cutting-edge data platform with machine learning that enables seamless data solutions for clients.
My educational background in computational science, particularly in optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence, has provided me with a strong foundation in designing and developing a range of data-driven solutions from search engines to demand prediction. I am particularly proud of my work on estimating brain injuries by data assimilation and deep learning, which earned me the best master's thesis award. During my master's program, I also gained valuable software engineering experience as an intern in Germany, where I developed and evaluated charging controllers for electric vehicles.
I excel at product design and communication with a solid understanding of technical concepts. My experience working with international teams in diverse environments has honed my cross-cultural competencies, making me well-equipped to thrive in any global arena.
I am always on the lookout for stimulating new challenges and am willing to relocate anywhere in the world to pursue them. If you're interested in learning more about my experience or thoughts, feel free to check out my personal blog. I welcome any inquiries via social media.
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