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How to define product requirements from many perspectives

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The main role of product managers is to define product requirements and put them into words as a PRD (About PRD, it is explained in more detail in What is PRD in product management?). In this phase, product managers have to take many perspectives into account, otherwise the product requirements need to be changed over and over again during development or even after finishing it, but how? Here, I devided into five groups the requirements you should consider when it comes to product management. Moreover, not only considering various requirements but also putting these into words eventually is essential because the main communication with the stakeholders is basically performed through PRDs.

Business Requirements

  • Goal - What you want to achieve by the product
  • Summary of Proposal - How you simply describe the product
  • Scope of Work - What should be scoped and not scoped
  • Risk - What can affect to user experience, development or costs
  • Dependency - What has internal and external relationships

Project Requirements

  • Schedule - When you want to release the product
  • Phase - Which phase you are going through considering the future plans
  • Test Plan - What kind of bugs can be accepted
  • Project Member - How many people will join the product team

Technology Requirements

  • Use Cases - What personas can do with the product
  • Features - What features are necessary to achieve the use cases

Performance Requirements

  • Response Speed - How fast a response should be by a click or tap
  • Access Load - How much accesses can be responded

Design Requirements

  • Wireframes - How the screens simply look like in skeletal black and white diagrams
  • User Flow - How the path users follow on the product to do the task look like
  • Localization - Which languages the product has
  • Accessibility - How the product can be disability-friendly
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